• Laser Teeth Whitening
  • Mini Implants + overdenture
  • Dental Veneers/ All Porcelain Crowns

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Dr. Lamya's Laser Specialist Dental Center, the first laser specialist dental center in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Gulf Content countries. Providing high quality dental services in one roof with advance technology and pain free treatment experience with our terrific smile professional in the state of art spa amenities.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive dentistry that enhance the health function and appearance of the patient smile in a comfortable, supportive and caring environment combining both artistry and high standard of science in a pain-free environment. We make every effort to create an environment that soothes the patient body and there spirit while they receive professional dental treatment to enhance there health and pamper there smile.. Imagine a place… where your life enriched, your health enhance your body and soul encouraged to embark on a peaceful transformation…